I have knowledge about some designing softwares & CNC &VMC Programing. Now I am fresher and I want to gain experience in designing . So anybody can suggest me how to enter as a fresher in designing sector ?

Please answer my question & share your thoughts on the basis of your experience and knowledge.

1 Answer

After considering the software you tagged in this question, I'll assume you want to learn SolidWorks...
Start with the built-in tutorials that come with SolidWorks; they cover lots of the existing features.
Then, start modelling everyday things you find around you. Modelling a lot improves your skills and makes you use most of the features SW has.
Then, start modelling challenging models and try to design them on your own. This will make you able to think out of the box when it comes to design in general.
If you're interested in mechanical designing (which is what SW excels at), learn the basics of gears and famous mechanisms (Universal Joint, Scotch Yoke, Rack and Pinion, Cam). You'll find many resources on the internet.