I just joined GRABCAD and downloaded a part file (Butterfly Hinge) and can read only the file. Please advise how I can access this file to modify it to meet my needs.

I am unable to access a part file to modify it to meet my design needs.

8 Answers

What CAD program are you using to open this CAD file?

I downloaded the butterfly hinge... Opened it up in Mastercam,, Saved it as IGES.. I could email it...

.igs files are common between CAD programs

I have never had a situation, from GRABCAD, where a file is READ ONLY.... Some file formats are for visual only... Look, but don't touch... These files are usually very small... And can only be seen with a solidworks viewer.. Mastercam dosn't recognize the format... And those are useless.. As there is no CAD data to be had... Just a 3D picture...

To modify a part file, one must save the parts that are useful, and re-draw the parts that are unsuitable... Have you got that far yet?

Ah.... So the problem is that you are not familiar with Solidworks? I am not that familiar with that program either.. I mostly use it for converting to Mastercam... Is this accurate?

Design your own.