instead of keyshot is there any method for creating multiple images rendering in catia or i have to rotate my model by some angle and do render again and again

how to create multiple renderings with some angle (say starting from 1' i want 90 renders upto 90 degree)

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Yes, there is a method. I've done a macro in catia with visual basic for applications (VBA).
You choose a rotation axis, the angle you want and the step angle for each image. The macro use the chosen axis, the step angle and do printscreen for each step. Then you have a suite of images which you can import in gimp and then You can do a gif. I can send it to you but i've to re-find it...
The inconvenient to use this method is the printscreen quality which is not a render, it's just the visualisation you have in catia.
The render in keyshot is very more pretty and really fast compared to catia
As you want...

You will find the macro attached and the tutorial for Keyshot method.

Answer me if it's not clear.

Answered with a tutorial:

Very nice, work with Material and Background picture.
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If you have the PHS (Photo Studio 2) license you can create a turntable with the degrees and number of frames pr. second. this also means that you can create full rendering quality