İs it true windows 64-bit better than windows 32-bit even with 3GB of RAM?

we know win 64 is better than win 32 but if you have got more RAM than 4GB. my ram capaticy is 3GB . İf I install win 64, is it useful for me?

5 Answers

my hardware supports 64-bit w.wolf. I'm still undecided.

I upgraded to 64 bit. I can say that it is more smoothly than 32 bit. SW has't crashed until now.

Nah, you won't notice a difference. But you can't just install a 64-bit system, your hardware must support it.

64-bit operating system administrates resources more better than 32-bit, even with 3GB memory i think a 64 operating system would be faster for you. Anyway i would suggest you buy more memory, it`s very cheap these days, at least 4gb if you can`t afford 8.

windows 7 64 bit must have at least 4gb memory