Is the addition of private messages slowing things down at GrabCad?

Speed slowing Down

2 Answers

Thanks for the notice. Things are slow not because of the private messages, but because there are more and more engineers joining GrabCAD every day (yesterday more than 1000 engineers joined) and engineers are using GrabCAD more actively.

What we will do the fix the problems:
- A month ago we hired a system administrator Enrico to improve things on a server side
- From the beginning of next week we will have someone working 100% to improve the code-base to make it faster
- In next 2 months two really great and experienced technical person will join the team who will be work out through the scaling issues

We will keep you posted.

it was very slow even before private messages. takes a while to login and you got that error page. takes long time to upload or add render etc