Is there anyone expert in PATTERN DESIGN AND METHODING...???

Help me out to understand methoding of riser,runner and feeder

2 Answers

To correctly design casting system is a task for a trained expert. Sound defect free castings are only possible with much knowledge and experience. The pattern needs to be designed correctly, runners risers, sized correctly, placed in the moulding design correctly, to give good consistent defect free castings. In the 1980's I worked in the production office of an engineering works that had a foundry producing good quality iron and steel castings. The engineer who designed the method and moulding arrangement for making these castings had been working in this field for about 20 years. The design of these systems required the size of runners and risers to be calculated and to be placed in the right place. CAD had not taken over in the engineering design back then so manually drawings were produced. Recently having become involved with a project that requires some large steel castings. Getting these made locally has been more difficult than I thought it wood be as these experienced men do not seem to be as common as they once were. One change I did note is now there is specialist software for designing casting systems