Need a good and easy Rendering Software

I currently have Autodesk Showcase, but it's dragging on my computer. I have windows 7, 64bit. What other software do you recommend, that you think will run alot better?

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Keyshot is good rendering software.

Look my tutorial,try before you buy

the best thing to do is to try each one and then decide which one you like and you can afford:

1.Bunkspeed $495 ($95 for students) (GPU+CPU)

2. Keyshot $995 ($95 for students) (CPU only)

3. Modo 501 $995 ($149 for students)

Chamo métele a Keyshot, es sorprendentemente sencillo y eficiente

If you're running Inventor 2012 you have 3 options. You can use the Inventor Studio built into Inventor to render animation, then Showcase (which as you've noticed is the heaviest on hardware since it's real time rendering for presentations) or you can use the 3D Studio Max design that came in the Product Design Suite bundle.

It's quite heavy, but nothing is better than Showcase for Inventor users, you get the same materials and full compatibility.