Non-linear material in SW Simulation

Can anybody help me, who has experience in creating non-linear material in SW Simulation?

1 Answer

My friend you have hit pay dirt!!

I've been playing with this for the past year and have also started seeing a shrink!!

There are a few ways, but the most accurate is to create your own alloy/composite in the 'custom materials' module. As you know the Sim module requires various properties like stress, strain, yield, E~~modulus, at certain temperatures. It's pretty painful! But the best way to learn - at least for me - was to look at the properties of something like 6060aluminium that's already in the library. Then at ?? 20degC draw a 5 meter beam supported either end and put somthing heavy on it, not in the middle for fun, and watch it bend. Then do it again 85% of melting temp for that alloy. This way you get an idea of how SW interprets the variables.

I hope this helps. What is it you are running a sim on?
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