What device can i use to make reverse engineering for centrifugal pump on solidworks 2011?

I am a new pump designer and try to make solidwork models for existing pumps what device can i use to grab impeller and casing dimension to solid works and how much does it cost in US dollar

2 Answers

As im from Croatia i can give you this link to Croatian firm that does the job excellently! But, as you are from USA , the best bet is to try to google some local business that uses the ATOS technology.
Here is the link (you have in the right corner a way to change to English whole website!) , so learn about the technology -and try to find it near you


ps. im sure if you ask there info@topomatika.hr , they could give you more info maybe even the USA partner or someone that does the job great! ;)

best regards from Croatia!

I need a very accurate method to get dimensions and not to be very expensive