What does M12x1.75 -6g- mean on a sketch?

I'm drawing a cylinder in inventor. The measurement it gives me is M12x1.75 -6g- .

Accepted answer

Metric thread
12 mm diameter
1.75 thread pitch
6g fit
External threads (like a screw, not a hole)

The proper and normal procedure: You would model a 12 mm diameter cylinder. Then using the thread feature tool, place the M12x1.75-6g threads on the outside diameter. This gives an excellent graphical representation of the threads that is well represented in part and assembly drawings and renderings. It also allows Inventor to automatically create hole notes and thread notes on detail drawings. Producing threads by this method results in drawings that meet international CAD standards.

Actually modeling the threads is much more involved and would be considered incorrect unless you are needing to 3D print the resulting model. Fully modeled threads do not show up correctly on part and assembly drawings. Inventor cannot automatically create hole notes for these features. They also consume very large amounts of computer resources. Other than being useful for 3D printing they are a complete waste of time and result in drawings that do not meet international standards.

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