What is the best/fastest way to import the body files to Keyshot with being able to assign different materials/colors to several places of body?

Importing tips from Solidwork to Keyshot

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If you want to add different colors/materials to different faces on one single body then you have to differentiate the faces in SW before importing it to Keyshot. (Unfortunately Keyshot doesn't support "faces" like Photoview, so you have to assign different colors in SW first - then Keyshot recognizes them as different surfaces). Here is an example how to add different materials to a single body on part cube.

Answered with a tutorial: https://grabcad.com/tutorials/what-is-the-best-fastest-way-to-import-the-body-files-to-keyshot-with-being-able-to-assign-different-materials-colors-to-several-places-of-body

If you open the SolidWorks file in KeyShot, you can bring up the options and see all the parts in the Scene tree. You can copy and paste materials to other parts from here very quickly. If you make a mistake, you can hit ctrl-z to undo.

sometimes there are more than one surface or body with the same color and may be linked as well so you have to unlink them either by right click on them or through the scene tree. on the other hand if you have a lot of parts and you don't want to waste your time to assign materials to them you can link them in the same way.

I was wondering, how to do the same thing on one face. So I came up with an idea; I used split feautre on solidworks and did what Indrek says up here. Thus, I turned to be able to assaing different colors on one face. However there must be better ideas!

I had this problem as well with Keyshot, with my models that were made with Inventor but as Indrek said above and the problem is gone.