What is the difference between catia and solid works? What kind of facility can i get from these software and which software can give more advace faciltiy from the other one?

Please help me. Beacuse i know solid works and want to learn catia.

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Hello :)
I would recommend learning/using Solidworks at first because the program is more user-friendly and the interface is more "clean and fluid". Also, if you learn Solidworks first you will know the basic or even the more complex functions/features in CATIA (this is a great advantage because both programs are made by Dassault Systemes although CATIA has different names for the same features in SW (SW - Extrude/CATIA - Pad; SW - ExtrudeCut/CATIA - Pocket).

So, to give you an answer for your question, CATIA is definitely more advanced then Solidworks. CATIA, in its original state, was created for building/designing aeronautical parts and airplanes so the technology is more complex in the software itself. The graphics are not as pretty as SW but the designing process and the features are way beyond SW. To give you an example. In CATIA you can start with a sketch (product design), then make a mechanical design (solid part) , calculate the manufacturing times for the products and and the technologies that you can use for manufacturing that part and many many more. These are features. You have many more opportunities for designing/constructing/manufacturing then SW.
I saw a feature that helps you design cars very easily, a feature that SW doesn't have (that's what impressed me, not a strong example but still).
I other words (but not a complete definition) Solidworks is more for stand-alone users, and CATIA is more for companies with the whole process in mind, from designing to manufacturing the product. Hope it helped.

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Learn SolidWorks first... :P

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