what is the difference between drawing,design and drafting?

These terms seems to be confusing

3 Answers

Drawing covers pretty much everything from a sketch on a napkin, to a blueprint. They can all be a drawing.

Design is the process of inventing or improving something.

Drafting is traditionally the creation of technical or engineering drawings by hand with a T-square, paper, pencils, and other tools. But Computer Aided Drafting is the more common method today.

Good question Siva! I've seen these terms used interchangeably by many GrabCAD members, and it is very confusing. Many times someone will ask about a "drawing" when they really mean a "3D CAD model"

Fred provided good, specific definitions in his previous post.

Another "confusing" question was posted today: https://grabcad.com/questions/what-is-topological-error-in-catia-v5

The author is asking about an error when adding a tapered draft angle to the part, and refers to it as "drafting." The usage of the term "drafting" is correct, but my first thought was the error was with an engineering drawing.