what is the differents between hide and supress in pro-e.

thanks in advance

3 Answers

"Hide" - object makes it disappear from graphics area but it is regenerated when the whole model is regenerated. its temporary hide .but appears as a part in automatic BOM table "
"supress"- suppressing the part make it out of the loop and its not regenerated.
Hide feature remains hidden until you resume, does not appear as a part in automatic BOM table.

Supess is usefull for FEA analysis for parts that are not requied. Supress is like a temporary delete so if other parts are children, they will have to supress as well. That is not the case with hide since the part is still there but not shown.

Hi sathish kumar,

I think, when You take supress some feature - You remove feature from RAM.
This is valid for all CAD programs.