What is value of Certificates of CAD Softwares?

I have done AutoCAD from College, Pro Engineer from CADD Centre and SolidWorks by Video Tutorial. Right now i have no certificate in Solidworks, will it be a problem or i will be at any disadvantage while applying for job?

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Must agree with Nicolas on that, companies would not ask for a certificate, they if you bullshit on your habilities it will show real soon on the job, some companies may sometime ask for a short CAD exercice to evaluate your level of expertise.

Personnally as a mechanical engineer I've never been asked for any kind of certification, so I would not believe it is necessary as Nic said it is not a must it is a plus.

When we are looking for new members to join the team we take into account the cad qualifications. However lets say someone has a city and Guilds level 4 in autocad and no engineering real world experience and the other person has a machine shop background in sheetmetal and say a C&G level 2 then the level 2 person will get the job. If both have a sheet metal background and one has a level 2 and the other has a level 4 then the level 4 gets the job. When it comes to 3d software, I would expect them to have done a course and a test will be set with an interest of the time taken and a peek at the history tree to see the workflow used, I am more interested in the workflow than the time taken.

Let me ask you a question. If I aplly to the exam (CSWA/CSWP), I do it at home? Am I right?

Sure, but doing it at home, how can they prove that is the "oficial" person doing the exam? Sounds quite strange for me.

I dont think they have any value......a certificate can never guarantee you a job but your skills will definately do.

But I have an opinion that an expert centre like CADD Centre will train the student based on industry requirement. So the certicate have value na?