What kind of more information would you like to add your profile?

Education, Certifications, Work-Experience, Projects you have worked on ..

3 Answers

It would definitively be great to have Education in the profile (degrees, careers...), I believe it would help to sort out people for the jobs offered... , since its a cad site the certifications could also back up for the models uploaded, or would help also choosing the right user for the job offer.. As for projects it would be great to have some sort of slideshow feature to show off everyone's meanest projects.... can't wait for them

Hi Hardi,

I think would be another great service to the GrabCAD community as when there is a new user in the community the first thing I do is go to there profile and read a little about them - so there Education would be a must and what they have gained since leaving there education - projects sounds really interesting.... maybe a section on were they would like to work and were there future work would one day take them?

Hi Hardi, all those you mention here sound great, what I think may be useful, but not for profile is that you can change the results quantity, I mean that you can see more than 12 results per page.