When I load a model sometimes the GrabCAD preview image does not generate on the Library page? Anyone have a solution? Please advise.

When UPLOADING to GrabCAD my SolidWorks files upload to the EDIT MODEL page but no preview generates:

2 Answers

That's because these files are future versions and aren't supported, yet...
The built-in 3D Viewer supports till SW 2017.

The best solution is to not rely on the built in 3D viewer to generate library images.
Uploading your own screenshots, or renderings to the Library allows you to control how the model is seen. Uploading a neutral file format like a Step file will allow more people to use your file(s) as well.

Check out the main page of the library. None of those popular models rely on the built in 3D viewer. All are showing screenshots, or renderings of the model.
You don't have to do it that way, but it is the best way.