where can i find part drawings to make my own model

plese tell me a link

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Hi Sathish,
You have not indicated what level your CAD skills are at, beginner, moderate, advanced…….that makes it pretty difficult for someone to help by supplying drawings for you to create models from.
GrabCAD is a pretty good place to come to if you are looking to see how others deal with things, present their models and swap ideas with other members.
“So…. My contribution to you is”
If you are looking for something to help with your drawing/modelling skills you can't go far wrong by doing a small project like a model steam engine, lots of individual parts with a good assembly to finish it off.
Please find enclosed a set of drawings for an engine that has been completed by a number of people here on GrabCAD, enjoy, give it a go and welcome to GrabCAD.

What type of part would you like to model?

What type of parts? models?
I have many plans for models that I would share as long as it is for your education and to better your self with CAD.

You can also google books for old engineering and drafting textbooks. Both are loaded with neat old machine drawings.