which would be the better in sw, autocad, rhino, sketch up and 3ds max...?

better software for modeling

4 Answers

It all depends on what industry you are in
and what you are modelling...
more info would help someone answer your question

Of those i know...

If you want to design a complex mechanical system, Solidworks has the most exhaustive set of tools and will allow you to simulate, amazing. However it's capricious and locks you in a straightjacket as to how to do things. It's expensive.

Rhino3D gives you a lot of freedom, it's a freeform modeller that encourages improv yet is still amazingly powerful and produces exact NURBS models, excellent for manufacturing. It's unbelievably affordable and the plugins, both free and commercial extend its capability to challenge any other software. It's scriptable in python and the api is open source. You can also script it in a Labview-style block and link environment. It's made by an employee-owned cooperatives, a bonus if you are into socially aware business.

1. Blender - check it out - free with a huge user base
2. Strata 3-D - very good for graphic designers - user friendly if you know photoshop

Would recommend Rhinocereos