Would you share interesting engineering related links under your profile?

If you find a interesting engineering related link that you think might be useful for other engineers, would you share that under your profile?

11 Answers

Yes, this would be great addition to our profiles, but somehow searchable, and limited so that we don't end-up with 3000 links to the same information.

Great idea! May be you can include some sort of ranking system and or filter to avoid irrelevant links and reward links to excellent resources.

Yup!... I would.. I am the official office cool stuff finder at work..:-). I find the most amazing stuff all the time and they would definitely do the community some good.. CAD and engineering news/links.. Personally, I think it is a great idea, but what would Grabcad Admin think of this?..

Absolutely! I have a ton of manufacturing and prototyping resources.

of course.. it would be great for more spend my time on grabcad. I think everyone will share very interesting things and I will want to see all of them...

A big yes from me on that one :)
There is so much great engineer stuff out there that we might not come across but would be very useful if people posted links on what they found interesting then we might see a lot more of stuff we wouldn't
Great idea I love it.

it has been suggested before that we should have a forum.
putting everything in one place is much easier to follow.

Yes of course.

I'm in, great idea Hardi :)

Great idea and I agree with Kevin and bkinvent, index and rank of links would be useful.

I support this idea and I agree with the others. It must be useful, searchable, include a ranking system and somehow we must to avoid same links in this menu.