3D Modeling and Animation of a Spherical Robot in 3DS Max - Part II

The conceptual model creation is described in the following article: IVANOVA, Ioana and Stefka NENOVA, Computer Graphics as a Means of Increasing the Quality of Military Education, Report, Sofia: Yearbook of the Military Academy, 2013, pp. 141-155; http://rnda.armf.bg/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Binder-1-322.pdf; ИВАНОВА, Йоана и Стефка НЕНОВА, Компютърната графика като средство за повишаване качеството на военното образование, Доклад, София: Годишник на Военна академия, 2013, стр. 141- 155, http://rnda.armf.bg/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Binder-1-322.pdf

1. Open Material Editor (hotkey "M"): the main settings of the material (ambient, diffuse, glossiness and specular level) are shown in Step 1.
2. Coloring the inner sphere: it should contrast to bring out the golden material of the outer grid. An example is given in Step 2.
3. Adding lights and shadows: this is one of the most complex stages of modeling in 3DS Max, usually done right before animating the model. It should be noted that lights can also be animated. They are selected from the main menu Create > Light. The favorite light of the author is Omni. Each of the lights can be adjusted appropriately to produce realistic shadows and highlights.

  1. Step 1: Open Material Editor

  2. Step 2: Coloring the inner sphere

  3. Step 3: Adding lights and shadows