AutoCAD - Complete Tutorial for Beginners - Exercises 50

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Ø ESC : To cancel Command
Ø F1 : Autocad Help
Ø F2 : Text Window on/off
To see recently used command, options, Points.
Ø F3 : Osnap button on/off.
Ø F4 : Tablet on/off (Autocad 2010 & Prior Versions)
3DOSNAP ON/OFF (Autocad 2011 & Autocad 2012)
Ø F5 : To change isoplane in isometric drawing.
Ø F6 : DUCS (Dynamic user co-ordinate system) button on/off.
Ø F7 : Grid button on/off.
By default grid spacing is 0.5 inch in X- direction and Y - direction.
Ø F8 : Ortho button on/off.
Ø F9 : Snap button on/off
If snap button is on mode from status bar than cursor
will be Jump on the graphic one dot to another dot.
Ø F10 : Polar button on/off. (Alternate off ortho button)
Ø F11 : Otrack button on/off. (object snap tracking)
Ø F12 :

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