Construction of a Dodecahedron

Some CAD software such as AutoCAD does not have all the geometric objects, in particular the famous Dodecahedron.
A method
simple drawdown in descriptive geometry.

  1. Step 1: Pentagon

    Command polygon 5 faces, draw the bisectors,

  2. Step 2: Plan folding

    Construct their symmetric projection or command MIROIR ... With respect to the red axis and create point A.

    Draw the penpendicular line on Z at A.

    For the positioning of the angle of the projection of the bisector fold it on the perpendicular in Z (Cyan blue on the image)

  3. Step 3: Alignment

    Align the base pentagon with the new projected bisector (in magenta on the image). Command ALIGNER.

    Build the other pentagons. RESEAUPOLAIRE commands (_-arraypolar)

    Finish missing faces, several solutions, ALIGNER, MIROIR, COPY and ROTATE and mores...

    For a better vision finish with command SURFACE you can EXTRUDE in SOLID too...