Create blue print by Autodesk Inventor

In this tutorial, study how to create a blue print by Autodesk inventor.

  1. Step 1: Create a blue image by paint

    Open windows paint and create a blue image.

    then save it as any name.

  2. Step 2: Setting drawing

    Open Autodesk Inventor. then create new drawing.

    on Borders select "Define New Border" or "Define New Zone Border" and customize your border zone. no exit.

  3. Step 3: Create Background.

    On top Ribbon find "Image".

    and select your blue image that created in STEP1.

    and resize by zone borders.

    in the end exit sketch.

    new. we have this image:

  4. Step 4: Setting Layers

    Change Layers colors for any objects.

    Like borders, dimensions, visible,...

    "Visible" is important.

  5. Step 5: Create drawing view.

    Now it is ready to draw anything or insert a model view.