Cut list table & Weldments

Introduction to Weldments and the cut list table.


  1. Step 1: The Sketch

    Start a sketch in the Front plane ( it doesn't matter which plane you choose).

    Select the corner rectangle from the sketch tab.

    Add dimensions with the smart dimension tool.

    When you apply the dimensions, exit the sketch.

  2. Step 2: Add the Weldments tab

    Add the weldements tab if you cannot see it. Right click in a tab (like features or sketch) and select weldements from the drop down menu.

  3. Step 3: Add the structural members

    Click to add a structural member

    Select a profile like ( iso / square tube / 20x20x2 ) and select all the lines of your sketch.

  4. Step 4: Locate the profile of structural members

    Click locate profile (you need to scroll down to find it) and click on the orange dot that you see in the photo (it is grey when is not selected).

    This is the result, then click ok!

    And you must see this after clicking ok!

  5. Step 5: Start your drawing

    File - Make drawing from Part

    Select a sheet format and click ok.

    Drag and drop a view ( e.g isometric) from the view palette on the right of your screen.

  6. Step 6: Add the cut list

    Insert - Tables -Weldments Cut List. Select the part's view before or after clicking to insert the cut list.

    Click ok.

    Drop the cut list table inside the sheet.

  7. Step 7: Add columns in the Cut List

    Right click on the last column of the table, and select insert / column right.

    That's your new column.

    Click on the top of the new column, a new menu appears on the property manager on the left of the screen.

    Select "Cut list item property" and select a property from the drop down menu.

  8. Step 8: Add balloons in the drawing

    In the annotations tab,click on the Balloon.

    Add balloons in the parts to show where the numbers of the cut list refer to.