Decreasing Solidworks Assembly Rebuild Times

This tutorial is for decreasing Solidworks Assembly Rebuild Times, and part model rebuild times.
If your assembly is taking too long to open, rebuild, rotate, zoom in, or out etc... try this easy Assembly Visualization tool right in Solidworks.
Once you identify parts with the long rebuild times, use this tutorial to speed them up.
Solidworks "Defeature" Tool To Speed Up Models

  1. Step 1: Open a Part Model or Assembly That is Slow

    Open a slow part or assembly and set everything to resolved.

    Go to your feature manager tree and right click on your part or top level and click Set Lightweight to Resolved.

  2. Step 2: Run the Tool "Assembly Visualization Inside Solidworks

    Click the pull-down menu "Tools" Scroll all the way down until you see "Evaluate" (you may have to arrow down depending on your monitor resolution), then click "Assembly Visualization"

  3. Step 3: Add Rebuild Time Column,

    With the Assembly Visualization Tool Open, add a column.

    Then Change the existing Column to SW Rebuild Time by clicking the small right arrow shown below.

    Click More...

    Then choose SW-Rebuild Time.

    Add as many or as few columns as you want.

    SW Open Time is another useful column for diagnosing parts

    Also graphic-Triangles.

  4. Step 4: Sorting Your Custom Column

    Now that your custom column is active, click on the SW-Rebuild Time Button to adjust the sort order.

    With the column resorted by highest rebuild time, you can visually see the part or assembly with the longest rebuild time by the color blue in the graphics window.

  5. Step 5: Speed Up Parts With Long Rebuild Times

    Once you identify parts with long rebuild times, use this tutorial to speed them up.