Design of impeller for centrifugal Pump

Here is a tutorial of "How to create impeller for centrifugal pump using solidworks. For video tutorial kindly check the link

  1. Step 1: Understanding 2D drawing

    First of all we will try to understand the 2D drawing for impeller for centrifugal pump.

    In above drawing, 2 views are given out of which left side view looks simpler as compared to front view.

  2. Step 2: Sketching the left view on plane

    Select right plane and sketch on it

    Then draw half sketch on same plane as we will be using revolve command

  3. Step 3: Revolving the sketch

    Go to features, select revolve

    After revolve, the model will look like this

  4. Step 4: Creation of hole for shaft

    Select front face and sketch on it.

    Create a sketch using circle and lines.

    Go to extrude cut

    Select through all

    Finally it will look like this

  5. Step 5: Creating blade

    Select front face again and sketch on it

    Draw the sketch as shown in figure

    Now go to extrude, select depth as 14mm

    and click ok

  6. Step 6: Create 6 blades

    to create other blades, we will use circular pattern

    Select face as reference, and feature as extrude. Enter no. of count as 6 and then click ok.

    It will look like this

  7. Step 7: Final rendering

  8. Step 8: Video Tutorial