Dynamic Block in Autocad

This tutorial demonstrate "How to create dynamic block for scaling of a circle"

  1. Step 1: Drawing of Circle

    Draw a circle using Centre and radius command

    Enter center as 0,0 and radius as 20.

  2. Step 2: Creation of block

    type "B" and hit enter to create block. Once the command is executed the following window will appear

    Enter the name of block. click on pick point option. Then select the object. Check the "open in block editor" option and click Ok.

    Now the diagram will open in Block Editor which will look like this

  3. Step 3: Creation of dynamic block(Parameter specification)

    For creation of block, two things are necessary. i) Block Parameters and ii) Block Actions

    First we need to specify the parameters for current block. As we have to perform scaling operation, we need to specify distance as parameter. Click on linear in parameters and specify distance between two end points of circle

    Once the distance is placed as above, we need to give multiple dimensions for scaling as the scaling is based on distances and not the factor.

    So right click on distance1 and click on properties

    Scroll down and find the option value set

    Set distance type as list

    Click on small icon besides the dimesnion

    Now enter the set of values

    and click OK to finish.

  4. Step 4: Creation of dynamic block(Action specification)

    To see the performance of parameters, we need action. So click on action tab

    Now select "Scale" as action

    To perform scaling, first select the parameter. Click on Distance1

    Then select object.

    and hit enter. The window will look like as follow. A small icon will be appear near Distance1.

  5. Step 5: Creation of dynamic block(Lookup feature)

    To see the effect of scaling, we need to add one more parameter i.e. lookup feature.

    Go to parameters again and click on lookup

    Click anywhere to create lookup button

    To see the performance of Lookup, we need to specify action to it. So click on action tab and select lookup

    Click on lookup button

    The Lookup property table will appear

    Click on Add properties

    Add Distance1 as Properties

    Now enter all the required value. Just select it from drop-down list.

    We have to add look labels. So simply put 1 to n numbers in that column

    Click ok.

  6. Step 6: Testing of Dynamic Block

    Click on Save block and Then Click on Test block.

    To see variable size circle, click on blue triangular icon.

    Enjoy the tutorial.