Four 4-Jaw Chuck

In this video tutorial we will be modeling a Four Jaw chuck based on 2D assembly drawing. In this video I will explain how to approach such drawings and reading all the dimensions. This is a full length video in which every single concept, basics and tricks will be covered related to Assembly Modeling.
A lathe chuck is used to hold bar stock, to be machined. It is mounted on the head-stock spindle of the lathe. To accommodate different sizes of bar stock, its jaws are required to be adjustable. All the jaws can be adjusted simultaneously, as in the case of a self-centering chuck, by manipulating it from one point, or each jaw may be adjustable independently. The jaws in this design are adjusted by manipulating a screwed pair. The jaws should be so adjusted that the bar stock, held in the chuck, is properly centered and rotates as desired.

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