FREE Autodesk Alias Tutorial Day 1

Education should be free...

A friend, a collegue and like myself Adrian is an expert Alias modeller with extensive years of experience working with OEM design studios

I will begin to upload tutorials that will teach you from the moment you open Alias for the first time, setting Alias up for efficient work flow and together build a full exterior CAS model and render it.
In my opinion this is as close as you can get to seeing the work flow and theory we work towards within OEM studios day to day.

  1. Step 1: Day 1 - Part 1

    It's finally here! Free professional Autodesk Alias Tutorials!

    This video introduces the basics of setting up your shelf and marking menus so you are fully prepared for the automotive sculpting lessons that follow. I also briefly touch on the key tools needed to begin your car design adventure. 

    I hope you enjoy and my monotonous voice doesn't send you to sleep.


    New tutorials will be added daily until the model is competed!

  2. Step 2: Day 1 - Part 2: In depth Marking Menus and Basic Tools Training

    fter some feedback I've decided to do an extra tutorial for absolute beginners to watch before moving on to the slightly ore difficult and faster paced Audi tutorials!

    Use this video to get to grips with the work flow of marker menus combined with your tools. Get used to picking CVs and Curves, moving them around and picking nothing.... and doing that over and over again! Eventually you will see your own workflow speed increasing and then you will be able to keep up with the later tutorials.


  3. Step 3: Day 1 - Part 3: Importing Blueprints and Building Centerline

    Please forgive the poor microphone settings for the first 5 minutes! I fixed it after that.

    This Tutorial introduces you to the first steps of building your Audi A6 from Blueprints. I briefly explain how to import your images and dimension box. Skip to 5 mins if you already know how to do this... The rest of the video explains the basic Alias functions and hotkeys as you start to build your curve network.