FreeCAD Basic Exercise #2

The objective of this tutorial will be to use the sketching tools: symmetry constraint, external geometry projection and Polyline. We will also use the Refine parameter to remove an edge.

  1. Step 1: Presentation of the exercise

    We will model the part illustrated below by the method proposed in the tree structure.

    For the dimensions of the part you can refer to the drawing below but they will be repeated in the instructions.

    This exercise allows the FreeCAD beginner to become familiar with the following Sketcher tools :

    1. Symetric ;

    2. External geometry ;

    3. Polyline (multiple-point line).

    We will also review the functions used in Exercise 1.

  2. Step 2: Pad n°1

    1.1. In a new sketch, create a rectangle and then place a Symetric constraint (S) between the two ends of the rectangle and the origin of the reference frame. The rectangle is then centred on the reference frame.

    1.2. Place a width of 30mm, a length of 90mm and then extrude 40mm using the Protrusion function seen in Exercise 1.

  3. Step 3: Pocket n°1

    2.1. Create a sketch on one side of the block, parallel to the XZ plane.

    2.2. Project the edge of the block with the External Geometry (X) tool by selecting the tool and clicking on the edge.

    2.3 Create the sketch below by snapping the end of the sketch to the projection point created just before. Use the Polyline function (multi-point line) to make a succession of horizontal, vertical and sloping segments.

    2.4. Use the Pocket function to remove material "Through all".

  4. Step 4: Mirrored

    3.1. Use the Mirrored function seen in Exercise 1 to replicate the Cavity function on the other side of the part.

  5. Step 5: Pocket n°2

    4.1. Use the Rectangle, Circle, Symmetry Constraint and External Geometry functions (seen in Exercise 1) to create the sketch below on the top of the part.

    4.2. Use the Pocket function to remove the material "Through All".

  6. Step 6: Pad n°2

    4.1. Use the Polyline function to create a series of segments and arcs to produce the green sketch below. To change the mode of the Polyline tool (between segment and arc) press the M key.

    4.2 Create a 10mm Pad from the sketch. The Refine parameter in the combined view allows you to remove the edges created by a function.