How to create a linked BOM and balloons in a CATIA drawing

We can do an assembly drawing with a Bill of Material explaining to the manufacturer important info about each part. Also, we can number the parts with balloons, so that it can be easy to find and identify them.

It will be explained all the necessary steps in Assembly Design and Drafting module.

  1. Step 1: Define BOM format

    In the assembly, go to Analyze > Bill of Material > define formats.

    Move "Number" property from "Hidden properties" to "Displayed properties". Activating this field, we could generate the balloons in the drawing. Customize your BOM as desired in this window.

  2. Step 2: Generate numbering

    It is necessary to assign a number or letter each part of your assembly. Go to the toolbar "Product Structure Tools".

    Click on "Generate numbering" and then select in the product three the assembly.

    Each part (visualized in the BOM) will be associated with a number/letter.

  3. Step 3: Drawing module

    In the Drawing module:

    Insert > Generation > Balloon generation

    The selected view in the drawing will have all the parts displayed with a balloon. Each balloon will have a number or letter as previously selected. Repeat for each view.

    Insert > Generation > Bill Of Material > Bill of material

    Then click somewhere in the drawing and the BOM will be inserted in the previously selected view. (Always in the working views background)

  4. Step 4: Bonus

    If you dont want a part in your BOM, you can deactivate them in the Assembly Design module.

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