How to create a plane in SOLIDWORKS

Learn how to create a plane in SOLIDWORKS in this tutorial!

  1. Step 1: Go to Reference Geometry

    Go to Reference Geometry and click Plane.

    You have got here some references (First,Second,Third).If you want to create or just move your plane from original on the first reference you select which plane you want,you can also select faces and points.I selected Top plane and you see that down below the First reference I can move the plane for some distance,I can flip the direction and I can also choose how many planes I do want in that distance,you usually want just one.

    Here it is,I wrote some distance and now I have this plane as reference from top plane.

  2. Step 2: Select the midpoint

    If you want to create a plane in the middle of your model one of the ways is to select a mid point of the edge in second reference.

  3. Step 3: Select Top Plane

    Now I am going to give you one example with creating a plane.

    Lets say that I want to create plane that is parallel with these bodies at X direction, you see that standard planes are not aligned as they are.

    One of the ways is to select faces of those bodies in first and second reference and it will create it.

    The other way if we want the plane in the middle we would select Top plane as the first reference, the point of one body and the point of other body as the second and third reference, I hope you can see that on the picture.

  4. Step 4: Now you have a plane!

    That is it,I know that your situations will be sometimes different from those I have shown you so you may have trouble but this is not the best tutorial in the world about planes in the world,you can always find better.


    Karajko CAD