How to Download and Draw People in Solidworks


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    How to Download and Draw People in Solidworks

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    GrabCad with Human projects

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    Hello SolidWorks users, designers, architects and engineers, in this tutorial I will teach you how to draw (make) people, humanoids (humans) in SolidWorks, like the ones you are seeing. In this tutorial we will do step by step this human in a suit

    But before we do, I would like to invite you to download all these people in 3D, all ready, straight from my portfolio within the Grabcad website, to do that just go to google and type in, and type in human search, or just click on the link in the video description, there you’ll find all the humans that appeared at the beginning of the tutorial, plus what we’re going to do,

    I would like to invite you to join my other grabcad that I also have to download other projects that are not people if you are interested (also in the video description)

    Now I would like to invite you to enter my youtube channel and view other tutorials that I have, I have in English, Spanish and Portuguese versions. also in the description, and please if you want to receive notifications of new tutorials that I will release, subscribe to my channel

    Let's start the tutorial in fact, at first we will have to download a software called Sketchup, for those who do not know this software is widely used by architects and interior designers, it is free and very light software, so click on the description link or search google and download and install

    Now let's search on the 3dwarehouse site that is in the description, a person ready to download, as an example I will download a man in a suit

    after opening the downloaded file, we will use the rectangle tool

    this tool will be used to create two rectangles overlaid on the man, so we will divide the file into three parts, it is important to do this so that the file is lighter, if you have a good computer, this step is not necessary, skip to step export

    done the rectangle, select it and click the move button, to move the rectangle approximately in the third part of the man

    now we click on the select tool and copy the rectangle to have another one dividing the first part of the second, thus having three separate parts

    that done, we will close the file and generate 3 copies of it, so that we can then divide

    now we open the first file and delete one of the rectangles, click on the left rectangle and click on the push tool, now we drag the rectangle upwards generating a kind of extrusion, click on the select button select the whole cube right click on the cube and click create group

    with the cube selected click on edit then click on intersect faces then click on with model, then just click on the man, this will make an intersection on the man exactly where the cube passes

    now click on the cube and delete it, now click on the human with the right mouse button, then left click on disassociate, then just click on the top of the person and press delete, this way we remove the top part

    now we save the file, and do the same process for the other two parts, so that we have the bottom, middle and top part separated

    now let's download a stl export skethup extension, click on the video description link and then install

    to install, we will have to open the sketchup and click on window, then on preferences, then on the window that will open click on extensions and install extensions, look for the downloaded executable file and click open, click yes and then ok, now we see that we already have the option to export in stl

    let's now export the three parts of the man to stl, opening one by one and exporting, for that click on file, then click on export stl, then put the unit as millimeters and click on export, and save the stl file, let's do this for the three parties

    let's go to the opening part in SolidWorks, find the location of the stl files, click on all files then choose stl, click on the first file then click on options, now leave it selected as the surface body, this will make the file possible to be edited, that is to say like several drawn surfaces, change to millimeters and click ok, and open the file