How to import Solidworks file to msc Adams

Msc Adams software is very useful for dynamic simulations. This tutorial helps to import Solidworks 3D model file to Msc Adams software in proper way.

  1. Step 1: This is the Solidworks File. It is a 6 dof arm.

  2. Step 2: First you have to save it as a parasolid file. Use "parasolid" it is better than " parasolid binary".

  3. Step 3: Then open "Adams view". Go to the "New model".

  4. Step 4: Choose the working directory. Then click Ok.

  5. Step 5: Go to the "File>>Import"

  6. Step 6: Then choose the "Parasolid" under the "file type".

  7. Step 7: Then choose the "file to read".

  8. Step 8: Under the file type choose "Model Name" and choose "Model 1"

  9. Step 9: Then click Ok

    (If you save solidwork file as a "step" file, you wouldn't import 

    the "markers" to Adams File)