How to model an icosahedron with Inventor

I create a surface model and use the frame generator. 3D curves help me to identify the body which is constituted of 20 unilateral triangles.

  1. Step 1: analyze the platonic body

    20 unilateral connected triangles

  2. Step 2: develop a 3Dsketch of a triangle

    after drawing a pentagon in a 2D sketch draw a unilateral triangle, vertex in that same axis as the centre of the polygon. length is arbitrary.

  3. Step 3: surface patch and circular pattern

  4. Step 4: extrude surface

    circle is coincident with pentagon.

    create 3Dsketch of unilateral triangle. vertex sits on cylincrical surface.

    surface patch and circular pattern.

  5. Step 5: combine and mirror

    stitch all 10 surfaces

    create midplane

    mirror component

    rotate at 36°

  6. Step 6: combine and start assembly

    use a weldment assembly

  7. Step 7: pick profile

    a pipe, or whatever you like

    use miter for the joints


  8. Step 8: watch video