Import AI generated models in CATIA V5 as editable

Case study of an AI generated image of a chair converted to a 3D model using an AI image to Mesh Platform (CSM)

Video regarding CSM 3D platform -
Video regarding concept generation using Leonardo -

  1. Step 1: Generate the image

    I have made use of the platform Leonardo to generate the concept of the Chair. is a cloud-based AI tool that can generate high-quality 3D assets, including characters, props, and environments. It uses a variety of AI techniques, including deep learning and GANs, to create realistic and diverse images.

  2. Step 2: Generate the 3D model

    CSM 3D AI is a cloud-based 3D modeling platform that allows users to create 3D meshes using single images references. Within the following video there is a case study of a car - Peugeot 408

  3. Step 3: Optimize the 3D model

    3D models that have a high number of faces will make CATIA V5 unstable, therefore it is recommended to have the 3D model optimized. You can make use of CATIA v5 Optimizer Workbench or the free open-software Blender.

    The case study of a chair, imported as editable is presented within the following video