KeyShot Tutorial: How to Create Realistic Material ( Bonus Animation Tutorial )

In this tutorial I will show you how to create realistic tire material in KeyShot. This tutorial contain step by step workflow, so if you are beginner you will be able to understand it and achieve same results.

The main idea of this tutorial is to show you how you can easily create realistic materials in KeyShot. Lot of you guys ask me in the comment section if I can show you how to work with material graph in KeyShot. In this tutorial we are going create whole material through material graph. I will show you exactly steps how yo create custom camera, lighting, environment, composition. I will show you how to combine multiple texture maps and how to create labels / layers in material graph to achieve complex realistic material for your 3D model. At the end of this tutorial I will show you how to setup simple animation for your 3D models. Last step is to render our final 3D model, I will show you how to use settings to render sharp images.

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3D Scene
3D Model

  1. Step 1: Watch Video Tutorial