Loft feature in AutoCAD

How Loft tool works in AutoCAD?

  1. Step 1:

    What is Loft in AutoCAD?

    It is a tool which connects two shapes from different plane and forms a nice solid.

    Of course if you are a beginner these words do not mean much to you so I am gonna show you better.

    I have two shapes here, a circle and a polygon and they are at different planes.

    That may sound confusing because there are not actual planes in AutoCAD like in SolidWorks.What I mean by that is that they are at some distance from each other as you can see on the picture.

  2. Step 2:

    I have activated Loft tool and I need to select cross sections, circle and polygon.

    After that I pressed Enter and now I have this,already formed shape but it is not finished yet.I need to decide what I am gonna do next,I am going to click Cross sections only,I will cover other options later.

    The result is here,this is what you can do with Loft command.

  3. Step 3:

    Now I have a line which is going from polygon to circle and it is going to be a reference for the next option.

    Here we go again,after I selected both objects and pressed Enter I again have these options.

    Now I am going to choose Path and select the line I drew.

    This is the result.

  4. Step 4:

    I rolled back again and now I have two splines and they are going to be my Guides.

    So I am gonna select Guides and select those two splines.

    And this is the solid shape I got.

    I hope you now know how Loft feature works in AutoCAD,try some examples by yourself and you will understand it better,there is nothing without practice.

    Karajko CAD