Loft magic

When it comes to organic NURBS shapes like that, nothing can beat the quality, simplicity and History-enabled modification that Loft with the “Loose” option provides.

A good practice is to use profile curves with the same degree and amount of control points. I started by creating the round base by using the Circle command with the “Deformable” option and 8 control points. Then, I simply copied it a few times and modified each one individually by moving its control points in the desired location. I also used Scale 3D and Scale 1D to adjust the overall size of each profile curve. As I moved or modified each intermediate curve, the History-enabled Loft surface updated in real-time, thus it let me decide what changes I needed to make to achieve the desired shape.

NOTE: In this example initially I used the “Normal” option of Loft, which is not a good way to do the shape. The video capture was interrupted for some reason and stopped far earlier, so you will not see how I then deleted the loft surface and create

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