Mitsubishi A6M Zero Freeform Modeling

This tutorial serves as the Final Project for our CADD221L course.
Leader: Fortaleza, Francis Neo
Beltran, Fernand Junior
Custodio, Justin Joseph
Dela Cruz, Lie Harvy
Tenerife, Kerlmanuel
Galopar, Lean Jay

  1. Step 1: Fuselage Freeform Modelling

  2. Step 2: Wings Freeform Modelling

  3. Step 3: Stabilizers Freeform Modelling

  4. Step 4: Propeller Freeform Modelling

  5. Step 5: Window Sketch and Extrude

  6. Step 6: Appearance and Physical Material Editing

    Take Note: It's up to the user how he/she will design the aircraft model. The user may add different materials, color appearances, and decals to make the aircraft more appealing for rendering.