NX 11:Creating Assembly

A tutorial on Sub assembly and showing arrangements of hydraulic cylinder-piston assembly.

  1. Step 1: start new assembly

    Then create new components (Menu>Assembly>Component>create new) in the assembly,named



    by same process create new component named piston.

    In assembly navigator you can See this.

  2. Step 2: Start modeling the cylinder

    By double clicking on cylinder in assembly navigator you can make cylinder as a work part.

    By making Cylinder as a work part you can start modeling in the cylinder.

    First create a circle with dia=30mm

    then extrude it by length=50mm

    After extruding it Use shell command (shell all faces, thickness=2mm)

  3. Step 3: Create a hole in cylinder for piston rod

    Hole dia=5mm.

  4. Step 4: Make mountings for cylinder

    make this sketch on one side of cylinder other than hole side.

    extrude it.

  5. Step 5: Create model of Piston.

    Double click on Piston in assembly navigator.

    By double clicking on Piston you make Piston as a work Part.

    Draw a circle of 26mm Dia. and extrude it 5mm.

    If the previously created model of cylinder is disturbing you while modeling piston, you can Simply replace the reference set of the part named cylinder.

    draw a small circle dia=5mm, extrude it length=40mm, this will make a piston rod,

    draw a sketch at the end of piston rod.

    extrude it.

    The piston is ready.

  6. Step 6:

    go to assembly navigator double click on the hydraulic system.

    You can see the hydraulic piston-cylinder assembly.

    You can apply assembly constrain to assembly components.

    Your assembly is ready.