NX CAM Course

You will be professional user in NX CAM after only 5 hrs.!!

This Course covers conclusion of the most common operations that you will use during your actual work, the idea of this course to provide small course with low price contains the most important operations and options.

The idea of this course comparing to other courses are, The low price, low no of hrs., after course technical support.

This Course is a summary of actual experience in CAD CAM field, the course has been designed to allow you to use the NX CAM & Post builder after only 5 hrs.!

This course has been designed as practical course to focus on the common operations and the common options that you will use for work.

NX CAM & Post Builder Course introduce the most common Milling, Turning and Wire EDM Operations ( 3 Axis & Multi Axis), the course will be step by step to make the full operations from beginning to generate the G code, also to customize the G code to be readable with any CNC machine type or any number of axis.

After this course, you will be able to use the NX CAM & Post Builder to do machining for any Part and to use NX CAM with any CNC Machines.

After this course, you will be able to create G code for Milling, Turning and Wire EDM operations (3 Axis & Multi Axis).

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