Offline STEP (and many other formats) viewer

Offline STEP (and many other formats) viewer

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    IGES and STEP are the widely used neutral CAD formats and accepted in all software.

    In IGES the output is in surfaces while STEP file keeps the assembly hierarchy and output is a mixture of solids/volumes and surfaces (only solids in most of the cases).

    If you need to view 3D models offline without having to install a 3d cad (for example FreeCAD) then the "CAD Assistant" program is available among the best free alternatives.

    The program can be downloaded from the site:

     It is available for all platforms.

    By downloading the version in "ZIP" format for windows it is possible to use the program without any installation by starting the executable "CadAssistant.exe".

    On the site you can view detailed instructions on using the program.

    For a basic use it is sufficient to open the STEP file and use the mouse to rotate and zoom the model.

    The program correctly detects the physical properties of the model (in my case exported from Autodesk Inventor).

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