Reverse Engineering of a special Joystick

-You will see at that video series modelling the joystick parts (3D printable main parts only)
-I am not a media editor so fully ameteur and there is no any prepartion for video making.
-The video lenghts are my real designing times.
-I will add next parts at next steps by the time.
-The space of hole cuts of scanned electronic parts such as switches or buttons are not correct. I have made those as I decided but job owner edited them.

  1. Step 1: Scanned and Modelled Joystick

    Scanned and remodelled joystick, right and left respectively

  2. Step 2: Safety

  3. Step 3: Lower Trigger

  4. Step 4: Upper Trigger and Frame

  5. Step 5: Main Left Body