Solidworks Simulations || Heat Loss through Double Pane Glass Window

n this solidworks simulation tutorial, heat loss through a double pane glass window will be studied using solidworks thermal analysis.
Problem Statement:
Consider a 0.8-m-high and 1.5-m-wide double-pane window consisting of two 4-mm-thick layers of glass (k = 0.78 W/m · °C) separated by a 10-mm-wide stagnant air space (k =0.026 W/m · °C). Determine the steady rate of heat transfer through this double-pane window and the temperature of its inner sur-face for a day during which the room is maintained at 20°C while the temperature of the outdoors is 10°C. Take the convection heat transfer coefficients on
the inner and outer surfaces of the window to be h1 =10 W/m2 · °C and h2 =
40 W/m2 · °C, which includes the effects of radiation.
Using solidworks simulation, we will check room temperature and heat flux. Heat loss from glass window will be calculated by multiplying heat flux with window area.

  1. Step 1: