SOLIDWORKS Torque Simulation | Shaft Analysis | 3 Simulation Studies | Torque Simulation| CADable

In this tutorial, we'll learn basic static torque simulation in SOLIDWORKS 2020. First of all, we'll model a solid shaft with a rectangular plate and then we'll do simulation. Here, I have used Axis, Split Line features which will be used when we apply load (torque) on the shaft. Don't forget to add simulation add-in before making static simulation study. The simulation contains the following steps:

1) Define your Study (Static)
2) Assigning your Materials
3) Apply Boundary Conditions (Free Body Diagram)
4) Meshing the Model
5) Run the Analysis (Solve)
6) View the Results

After completing the first simulation, I have created two more simulations by changing the position of the applied torque. Remember I have used same:

a) Material
b) Geometry
c) Boundary Conditions
d) Torque (100 N.m)
e) Mesh Density

The only thing I have change in simulation two and three, is the position of applied torque. And here you will see the difference. This difference is not so big but it is there. I have also shown true scale

  1. Step 1: