SoliWorks 2022 : How to enable realview graphics mode with an AMD rx graphics card

Hi !

Here is a quick tutorial to activate the realview mode of solidworks to enjoy a more beautiful display if you have amd rx GPU


thank you for reading this tutorial, you will find here a video tutorial but in French

  1. Step 1: Close SolidWorks

    Save and close

  2. Step 2: open the Windows Registry

    open the Windows Registry.

    click on the windown button on the keyboard and type windows registry in the search bar

    a window asking you if you want to allow the windows registry to make changes on your computer do yes

  3. Step 3: Hardwore folder

    go to the folder 

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > SolidWorks > SolidWorks 2022 ( or 2018...) > Performance > Graphics > Hardware

  4. Step 4: finding your GPU

    - Clique on the "Current" folder

    - Right click on "Renderer" and click to edit

    - Copy the name, click to OK

  5. Step 5: realview gpu folder

    Go back and open the folder "Gl2Shaders" then "R420"

    find a find a graphics card that is close to yours in terms of year of release to avoid too big differences in drivers

    then right click on one of them, for example the "Radeon Pro WX 9100" and do rename

    then paste the name copied above

  6. Step 6: Back to SolidWorks

    Now you can go back to solidworks and activate the realview mode