Hi Guys,
Here I have provided an easiest step by step procedure to follow to make any spring using solid works.
Go along with the steps and you will able to generate your spring very easily and quick.
Thank you,
Ejaj Mundra

  1. Step 1: Make an Axis using any of two planes.

  2. Step 2: Make a Circle using Sketch Feature.

    From Third Plane ( Normal To Axis ) Sketch a Circle. Here I have made an circle of Diameter 16mm.

  3. Step 3: Make a 3D Shape of Spring using Helix and Spiral Feature

    Here I have chosen from height and the revolution, You can as you wish.

  4. Step 4: Use Sweep Feature to generate Spring along the path.

    After Selecting that Spiral Curve, Click on Sweep to Generate 1.25 Diameter Coil along the path.

  5. Step 5: Apply Material

    Here i have applied AISI 304 to the spring.

  6. Step 6: Your Spring Model is Ready.