Tool dev

  1. Step 1: STM32

    1. Introduction to the function and use of the development board

    2. Introduction to STM32

    3. STM32 introduction and learning method

    4. Minimal system introduction

    5. KEIL5 software installation

    6. Introduction to memory and registers

    7. Register Template Creation

    8. STM32 GPIO introduction (1)

    9. STM32 GPIO introduction (2)

    10. Use a register to light an LED

    11. STM32 firmware library introduction

    12. Library function template creation

    13. Use a library function to light an LED

    14.1 STM32 Clock System--Introduction to Clock Tree

    14.2 STM32 clock system -- system clock configuration

    14.3 STM32 clock system -- system clock programming

    15.1 STM32 bitband operation principle

    15.2 STM32 bit band operation programming

    16.1 The principle of the Systick system timer

    16.2 Systick System Timer Delay Function

    16.3 Programming the Systick System Timer

    17.1 The principle of buzzer experiment

    17.2 Buzzer experimental programming

    18.1 Experiment principle of button control

    18.2 Button Control Experiment Programming

    19. STM32 interrupt system

    20.1 Principle of External Interrupt Experiment

    20.2 External interrupt experimental programming

    21.1 The principle of timer interrupt experiment

    21.2 Timer interrupt experiment configuration steps

    21.3 Timer interrupt experimental programming

    22.1 Experimental principle of PWM breathing lamp

    22.2 PWM breathing light experimental programming

    23.1 Basic Concepts of Communication

    23.2 Introduction to USART Serial Communication

    23.3 USART serial communication configuration steps

    23.4 USART serial communication programming

    24,Printf redirection programming